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Water Wars

For children living in warzones and occupied territories a ‘normal childhood’ does not exist. Journeys to school, the safety of home, and even friends and family, slowly disappear and are replaced with military checkpoints, explosions, violence and interrogations.

Having zero right to travel and living in constant danger is the harsh reality of everyday life. For these children, the struggle for survival worsens each day as the perpetrators of war search for even more brutal weapons to kill and destroy. On top of the relentless violence, in countries such as Syria the most basic means of survival — water — has become a weapon of war.

Back in April, guests to our event Water Blues enjoyed a 3-course dinner party and were surprised with coloured tap water, available throughout the night for free. Mineral water was on sale as an alternative - but priced beyond affordability. In this reference, we wanted guests to feel quickly aware of the luxury of desirable free water and highlight that free and fresh water from a tap or affordable bottled water is not a “right” for everyone in the world.

We were also joined by live Blues band, The 145s, homage to 19th Century slavery and its cruel similarities to the basic human rights denials suffered by Palestinians to this day – enslaved in the world’s largest open-air prison.

Hear more about the event in our interview with Press TV

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