Our Vision

Committed to transporting the taste of the traditional homemade healthy Middle Eastern Palestinian cuisine to you

Hamada is the head chef from Gaza. His expertise offers a  healthy, exceptional and exquisite cuisine in a world of austerity.


Medo is the assistant co-head chef from Gaza providing the very secret spice mix that literally makes our recipes extra healthy and irresistibly delicious


Amy is an award winning conceptual artist who works in environmental and social sustainability providing colour to and enhancing the project


Together, they run this project aiming to delight their clients with affordable premium quality food.

Hamada's Story

"I miss my family and my home. Unfortunately, going back to the Gaza Strip has become a near impossible feat. I have been in London for thirteen years, during that time I always thought if I couldn't enjoy my family's home cooking at home, I'd bring my family's food to me, my friends and my customers. Though, as you've probably worked out, opening a restaurant in London is riddled with challenges. Where could anyone find the upfront fees? What if they put up the rents? Where should I look? In the rise of the sharing economy, Amy, Medo and I decided that there couldn't be a better time or a better place to be a Pop Up and rather than bringing our customers to a static site, we bring our delicious cuisine and concepts to them

Amy's Story

"I describe myself as an interdisciplinary conceptual artist with 15 years experience blending concept, philosophy, science and tools to create immersive experiences in traditional galleries and unconventional spaces. My work explores issues such as climate change, conflict, consumerism, social media, mental health and critically how these themes are inextricably linked. I wanted to use my art to raise awareness about Palestine and other regions experiencing conflict and wanted to bring all of these themes together in a social enterprise project that raises money for important causes, engages the public through immersive art and entertainment, and serves up sustainable sustenance at the same time? We began with monthly pop-up supper clubs which became so popular that we also cater for private events, offices and festivals."