Market Stalls 

Are you interested in giving your public or private market space a unique special flavour that is guaranteed to bring joy to your loyal clients and also increase the footfall in your market site? we are always keen to take the opportunity. Come on lets do it? 

Office Pop-Up 

Ever thought about the impact of letting your valuable staff members occasionally experience  a new flavour and a more sociable way to enjoy their lunch? Have you considered making the best out of that free space inside or just outside your office building? The answer is with us! we are here to help you smoothly make that right decision. If you are interested, we will organise a visit to your office building to check the space, discuss the logistics and make it all happen while you set back and relax. Give us a shout?

Event Catering 

Do you have any upcoming special event that you wish to make more vibrant? Don't worry as you have landed in the right space. We now offer unbeatable prices for all sorts of events ranging from corporate functions,, birthdays to festivals.  Get in touch?