Vegan Falafel Wrap With Salsa and salad.

Our Falafelation Story

We are Medo and Hamada, the two passionate cooks behind this special falafelation project.


When we were chickpeas, we grew up in the Holy Land, along with six other siblings, all made from Mama Suad. The mother who fed us the love of food. Her falafel recipe in particular stood out to be a lasting addiction with everyone who tasted it.

As we ripened out of the pods, we traveled away from home and tried various Falafel recipes along the journey. But, being Suad's Falafel addicts, we were never satisfied. So, we decided to introduce her delicious Falafel recipe to the world!


We launched Falafelholic in East London in 2019, aiming to finally spread the legacy of our recipe and Falafel up the nation with proper taste. And to make our Falafels extra yummy, we have tastefully created a menu of vibrant and flavory toppings and signature sauces for our beloved customers to choose from.

Vegan Falafel Wrap With Salsa and salad.