Falafel (Egyptian Ta'ameya) plate, tahin

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Based in London, we are a street food, festival & event catering company. Sourcing our high quality ingredients from the most sustainable local suppliers and using biodegradable packaging throughout our operations, we specialise in making and delivering the best delicious authentic succulent fresh falafel secretive recipe in town. 

As part of our social responsibility towards our local community, we additionally organise and run a themed monthly supper clubs under our side charity project Everything But The HamAnd we donate a major share of our profit to local charities supporting people in need.

We freshly prepare our irresistible falafel recipe fresh on the day. And we serve it with our traditional stone-baked Arabic bread, creamy hummus, fresh punchy seasonal salads, colourful pickles, signature sauces, together with extra tasty toppings to add from our Menu .


Our recipe is the one for the road and we will make you  Falafelholic!   

Falafel (Egyptian Ta'ameya) plate, tahin